What are employers saying about marijuana legalization, workplace testing, and XALIVA™ THC?

RICOVR Healthcare recently answered these questions with independent third-party research of 200 employers across industries and focused on HR management professionals as respondents. Highlights of the research are below.  Amid legalization a majority said it was important to maintain a marijuana- (THC) free workplace to maintain safety. This means prohibiting use before coming to work […]

Impairment from Marijuana (THC) and Workplace Drug Testing Methods

By RICOVR Healthcare Joseph Seimetz, PhD, Senior Scientist & Kyle Muse, CMO The latest science on marijuana (THC) impairment According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), smoking marijuana impairs a number of driving-related skills such as reaction time, decreased divided attention, cognitive performance, route planning, decision making, and risk taking. (1) In one […]

Community Safety amid Marijuana Legalization: A Conversation with Detective Andrew Redfield Jr


Q:What is your background Detective Redfield? A: I’m currently a Police Detective in NJ with over ten years of progressive law enforcement experience. During my tenure as a Detective, I have been involved in investigations pertaining to various crimes such as attempted murder, human trafficking, controlled dangerous drug offenses, serious motor vehicle collisions involving impaired […]

Marijuana Legalization & HR Policy: A Conversation with HR Leader Brett Felmey

Q: What is your background, Brett?   A: I’ve been in Human Resources management roles with Fortune 500 companies and a member of SHRM for the last 20 years.   Q: Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in 18 states in addition to 36 states that allow medical use. How has marijuana legalization affected […]

RICOVR highlights benefits of point-of-care drug testing in global scientific peer-reviewed journal collaboration

Point-of-care drug testing devices can accurately detect drugs-of-abuse and increase safety within communities & workplaces. PRINCETON, NJ, US, January 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — RICOVR Healthcare announces a scientific publication on emerging point-of-care devices for drug testing. The article, “Emerging trends in point-of-care sensors for illicit drugs analysis,” was published in the prestigious peer-reviewed Talanta journal and was […]

Urine vs. Saliva Marijuana Drug Testing – A Better Method

  By RICOVR Healthcare Dr. Himanshu Bhatia, CEO and Founder and Kyle Muse, CMO Nov.1, 2021 The current state of marijuana testing There are over 50 million urine-based drug tests for marijuana conducted each year in the U.S.1 Urine tests have been endorsed by the Federal Government through Health & Human Services (HHS) since the […]

Detective Andrew Redfield joins RICOVR Healthcare as Law Enforcement Advisor

PRINCETON, NJ, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — RICOVR Healthcare, creator of the XALIVA™ rapid diagnostics platform, announced that Andrew Redfield, an active Police Detective, is joining RICOVR as law enforcement advisor. Detective Redfield is a certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and brings 10 years of law enforcement experience. “Detective Redfield will be a key […]