Why is saliva the best method for cannabis (THC) testing?


Traditional drug test methods with urine and hair detect cannabis metabolites, indicating past use of up to 30 days or more. Employee-rights groups have long argued those tests are discriminatory, penalizing people for using on their own time and away from the workplace.

Unlike traditional test methods, saliva testing can detect the parent drug or active THC molecules. This ability can provide the optimal detection length to provide fairness to responsible cannabis users and maintain workplace safety. For workplace drug testing, the optimal detection time will cover the whole 8-hour plus workday. This acts as a deterrent to workplace cannabis use, mitigates safety risks, and provides fairness to legal users that consume on their own time. It requires accurate, easy-to-collect, rapid, on-site technology. Saliva testing is the only method that can meet these requirements, which is why it is the best method for cannabis (THC) testing.

Watch Dr. Himanshu Bhatia, Founder & CEO of RICOVR Healthcare, answer this important question.



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