Breakthrough technology and an innovative design combine in the first truly portable saliva-based rapid-results testing device. 

From THC detection to COVID-19 point-of-care diagnostics, XALIVA will soon be a revolutionary  testing platform.

Improving through innovation

Because employers, law enforcement, and healthcare systems need faster, actionable data, XALIVA makes a bold departure from current technologies into nanoparticles. 

A totally new way to rapid-results testing allows for easy-to-use,  accurate saliva-based testing.


Market Defining FEATURES

XALIVA is designed to be your go-to analytics tool for rapid-results testing with true portability and ease-of-use.



With advances in testing technology, saliva is the future of fast, non-invasive testing for employers, healthcare systems, and law enforcement. This is because salivary gland ducts are lined by just a single layer of cells that allows free flow between blood and saliva, making the two similar for testing purposes.

Through powerful nanoparticle analysis, testing that was traditionally conducted via invasive blood draws or urinary sample collection and sent out for processing is now able to be done through saliva via rapid-results testing.

Saliva is widely acceptable and used for multiple diagnostic medical tests. For example, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently uses saliva for the diagnosis of HIV Type 1 infections.

In testing needs like THC or COVID-19, saliva will quickly become the preferred path of detection due to speed, accuracy, and ease of testing.

Intuitive WORKFLOW

Intuitive Workflow With just three simple steps, you can get results in under  10 minutes.


Insert the blue testing sensor.


Insert the saliva
specimen syringe.


Receive results in a few minutes.


* Product details and images are for illustrative purposes and not final. Specifications will be provided when the product is launched.