Pratik Patel Joins as CMO at Ricovr Healthcare, Innovators of the Revolutionary Xaliva Testing Platform


Ricovr Healthcare, a leading innovator in the medical diagnostics field, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Pratik Patel as its new Chief Marketing Officer. With a proven track record in product marketing and a deep understanding of the healthcare sector, Mr. Patel is set to play a pivotal role in the company’s mission to revolutionize diagnostic testing at the point of care and commercialize this technology to employers across many industries.
Pratik Patel brings a wealth of experience to Ricovr Healthcare, guiding public and private health tech companies with a successful marketing strategy through launch to scale many innovative health-tech products. His expertise in diagnostic and therapeutic devices aligns nicely with Ricovr Healthcare’s goals to deliver point-of-care recent-use testing to employers. As the Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Patel will drive the marketing and commercial strategy for the company’s novel testing platform and the groundbreaking first THC Xaliva disposable test.

“We are excited to welcome Pratik to our team and are fully confident in his ability to help our growing team commercialize our platform and launch the first product to market in 2024,” said Himanshu Bhatia, M.D., CEO of Ricovr Healthcare. “His experience in product marketing and building winning teams with tactical execution is exactly what we need to bring our new medical and drug testing solutions to market. We are confident that our marketing efforts will heighten our brand awareness and significantly impact our growth trajectory under his leadership.” The THC Xaliva test, a key focus for Mr. Patel, represents a significant breakthrough in drug testing technology. This innovative product offers fast, accurate, and non-invasive THC detection at the point of care, revolutionizing how THC levels are monitored and managed in various settings. Pratik’s expertise will effectively position this product in the market and educate our customers about its unique benefits.

“The potential of the THC Xaliva test is enormous, and as the cannabis landscape changes, I am eager to contribute to the company’s success and bring this innovation to market. I look forward to working with the team to build strong brand awareness and to make these novel testing solutions globally accessible,” said Pratik Patel. With Mr. Patel’s leadership, Ricovr Healthcare will continue making significant strides in the healthcare and medical diagnostics industry. His appointment marks a new chapter for the company, promising to bring groundbreaking testing solutions to a broader market and contribute to advancing healthcare technology.

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