RICOVR Healthcare recently answered these questions with independent third-party research of 200 employers across industries and focused on HR management professionals as respondents. Highlights of the research are below. 

Amid legalization a majority said it was important to maintain a marijuana- (THC) free workplace to maintain safety. This means prohibiting use before coming to work or during work hours .

Almost half of employers are in the process or have updated their workplace marijuana drug policy as a result of legalization .

A significant amount of employers are conducting pre-employment, under suspicion, random, and post incident or accident THC testing .

A majority of employers are using an off-site facility (e.g. Quest Diagnostics) to conduct THC testing and many are using Third Party Administrators .

The vast majority of employers are using a urine-based THC test .

It takes most employers from 1 to 5 days to get a THC test result back .

A strong majority of employers are comfortable with using saliva as the test sample for marijuana (THC) .

A majority of employers would likely purchase XALIVA THC rapid drug test . 

Many employers had comments about XALIVA THC :

  • “It seems like a good way to accommodate marijuana legalization while maintaining a marijuana-free workplace.” – Construction, HR Manager
  • “This would help us if we were to test if we were suspicious or had a work related accident. There are a lot of people using power equipment at our work and marijuana impairment in our state where it’s now legal is always a concern.” – Transportation/Shipping, HR Manager
  • “Would be convenient and effective tool for detection without the limits of current urine tests.” – Retail, Senior HR Manager
  • “This is something that would provide real-time information that we could act upon quickly.” – Construction, Business Owner
  • “I think if it can detect recent use, it would be very beneficial in a manufacturing plant.” – Manufacturing, HR Manager
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